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Knitting & Garment

The company opperates in the fine mesh field; starting from knitting and sewing to marketing, with a spécialization : advertising on T-shirts, polo shirts and sweat shirts.

Certificate OEKO-TEX

Dyeing and Finishing

the fabric to be knitted undergoes the process of finishing (scraping, brushing,shaving off,softening...)and dyeing(reactive, scattred and basic) to become ready [...] LIRE PLUS -

Logos Customizing

Is there anything better than dislaying your own logo on your T-shirt? The entreprises resorted to the customization of logos [...] LIRE PLUS -


Due to the fact that our in-house production does not carry out permanent and ongoing working, we do act as [...] LIRE PLUS -

The success to obtain certificate oeko-tex class I

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Pub Co

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Pub Co
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