Circular knitting

Circular knitting
  • Simple jersey
  • Piqué simple et double
  • Côte*1 et côte 2*2
  • Interlock
  • Molleton gratté et non gratté
  • Piqué polyester lourd et léger
  • Jersey touché coton
  • Microfibre polyester
  • Interlock
  • Nid d’abeille
  • Double face
  • Côte et Bord côte
  • Molleton
  • Bouclette
  • Piqué
  • Molleton
machine Tricotage Circulaire

We do knit various fine mesh holders with various fabric components: plyster,cotton and plycotton (with and without elastane)of multiple standardized graming according to clients requirements. the company remains flexible ,quick and responds to all requests keeping a good value for money of its products.