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Our company has been formed as an LLC under the law n°94 (produces for export and local markets)with a 100% Tunisian capital
Adresse: 66 avenue 8600 charguia I ,2035 Tunis//Production site: Industrial zone,k Helal-monastir- at the back of AGIL gas station
Our company opperates in the sector of textile and clothing , we mainly work on knitting itemes with fine mesh and manufacturing items for advertising


The company has been opperating since 11/09/2003
Its major production consists of knitted items such as T-Shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and sportswear 30% of the knitted fabrics are designated for the in-house tailoring workshop while the remaining 70% are for sale.
the knitting yarns are 20% locally provided , 80% of it are to be imported from abroad



Production is managed with a clearly -defined -performance indicators, return is a vital index of productivity:the more its increases the more competetive the entreprise is.
Thus these compromises imply on our company perfect master of production -and prices-tools.Furthemore, does have access to an adequate equipements to meet all orders to gether with a great capacity of innovation.


The work is conducted by about fifty qualified employees and able to reach one hundred workstations with the available equipements.